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The OCALA Area May Be The Ideal Location For You to Retire In,
being in the lowest wind zone in Florida!
Florida Weather:
Oh! so nice, almost year round. Lots of sun, no snow of course, temperatures year round that allow you almost unlimited and always pleasant outdoor activity. Storms you ask? Sure, BUT we are in the lowest wind zone in the State and being almost in the center of the State allows what FEW storms that do come our way to lose most of their punch before they ever get to us. Like to garden? Do it year round. Like to Golf? Another year round activity. Would you not like to go outside in January in shorts? Get the idea? You can check on our local weather and news daily if you wish.
Florida Taxes:
No income tax in Florida and currently a 6.0 % sales tax on certain goods. You pay just a yearly tag fee, much like a moter vehicle tag, for a mobile home located in a land lease community. This cost is normally less than $100.00 for Doublewides. Most parks by State law are allowed to charge you what is called a yearly pass on tax which is estimated here at $400.00 per year and some parks allow you to pay it monthly with your lot rent, others twice a year. Add it up and I will bet it is a lot less than what you are paying now for real estate taxes and maybe State income tax on top of sales tax. Sounds Kind of Nice in Florida, doesn't it?
Lot Rent:
This varies with many conditions, type of park, amenities offered, location and the age of the park. Amenities included in your lot rent depend on the park but most will include some or all of the following; water, sewer, trash pickup, RV storage, lawn care, use of the clubhouse, pool, varied activities there in, security, and more. Currently lot rents in most mobile home communities will vary from $275.00 to around $400.00 (Estimated)... The only way to confirm the park rent on any home we offer is to contact our agents for a reasonable estimate of the rent amount and amenities offered for the home and park of your choice.
Transportation: North/South Corridors:
Interstate 75 and SR 301 to Interstate 95 are just minutes from any home you buy from us. See our Rand McNally map page for directions and more. Of course we have Taxi cabs if needed and there are agencies that supply transportation for seniors to doctors, stores, etc. Ocala does have a new public bus system that can be very handy for some. We even have a park with used mobile homes for sale where you can walk to doctors, food and other stores and more.
Why Retirement in the Ocala, Fla. Area?
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Most parks do allow your pet(s). Depending on the park, certain regulations may apply such as type, size, number or breed. Our agents can tell you which parks allow how many and what type of pets that are permitted. Most parks and especially the residents understand pets are your kids. They are just clothed in fur instead of regular clothes so there is seldom a problem with your neighbors unless you wish to ignore the rules of the park. Some Parks NOW ALLOW larger pets. Contact our agents for information. CLICK HERE
Living Costs:
In a previous paragraph you were made aware of our tax structure and lot rents. Gas in this area is quite reasonable compared to some other areas of the country and the upkeep on your vehicles is much less than up north because of the climate,better roads, no vehicle inspections and reasonable tag fees. There are also many big box stores near by so your shopping expense can be very reasonable. Plenty of malls abound and hi end stores are available for anyone who wishes designer clothing and such. If you wish to remodel, construction costs are about 40% less than in most areas up north or in southern in Florida. Since most of our doctors and hospitals are geared toward the 55+ residents there is seldom any medical charges above what Medicare and your supplement policy pays. Rubbish pickup here is twice a week and if it is not included in your lot rent (most parks do) expect an average monthly cost of around $20.00. Of course if you wish to take your rubbish to the local landfills, there is no charge. Most of the mobile homes we sell are total electric and have central heat and air. Depending on the size of your home and how you use the electric expect your monthly bill to be between $60.00 and $170.00. Want to travel, take tours and such. Well most park associations set up special tours and lower prices for the residents. All in all, the Ocala will afford you with one of the most economical cost of living enviroments available in Florida and have as much to offer you, if not more than any other area or State.
3 main airports
. Orlando International, Tampa International and Gainesville Regional are between 50 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes away. All very convenient. Of course there are many smaller airports available also.
Live here (Ocala) and you are almost exactly equal distance between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, about 1-1/2 hours or less either way.
Fish, boat, swim, sun bathe or just visit the sights. your choice. 70 minutes straight out of Ocala puts you at Daytona Beach and other water delights.
To name just a few attractions within easy reach of Ocala; Appleton Museum, Wild Waters, Silver Springs, Rainbow River, Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, Sea World, Church Street Station, Busch Gardens, Ybor City, Dali Museum, Cypress gardens, Bok Tower, Daytona Speedway, Lots of Beaches, Cape Canaveral, Castillo de San Marcos, Fort Matanzas, Marineland, St, Augustine (Nation's Oldest City) and many more.
Manufactured home insurance IS AVAILABLE and is still a bargain whwn you compare to the cost of insurance for Real Property, especially in areas closer to the coast line. We have provided some agents and providers on site you get more information from.

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